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Baggage Certificate: What it is and its importance

When it comes to moving internationally, especially when we want to take our belongings with us, there is some necessary and important documentation.

One of them is the Baggage Certificate. This document plays a fundamental role in facilitating the transportation of personal goods to Portugal without incurring unnecessary charges.


What is the Baggage Certificate?

The Baggage Certificate is a document issued by consular authorities that allows for the transportation of personal belongings across borders without paying import taxes or duties on these items. Essentially, this document is a way to prove that the items in question are not intended for commercial purposes.

What is the purpose of the Baggage Certificate?

This certificate serves as assurance for all parties involved in the moving process that the transported items are not being imported for sale or trade, but rather for personal and/or domestic use. It is a document that facilitates customs procedures, often without the need to pay taxes on personal belongings.

Where can the Baggage Certificate be requested?

Typically, the Baggage Certificate can be obtained at a Portuguese embassy or consulate in your country of origin. Generally, it is necessary to fill out a form provided by these authorities and present a detailed list of the items you intend to transport. It is important to remember that the requirements and procedures for obtaining the certificate may vary according to the country and its specific regulations.

How can the Baggage Certificate help obtain fee exemption?

By presenting the Baggage Certificate during the customs process, expatriates may qualify for exemption from import taxes on their personal belongings. This means they will not need to pay taxes on items they bring with them for personal use.

In summary, the Baggage Certificate is a very important document for expatriates who wish to transport their personal belongings without incurring additional fees, potentially saving them time and money.

It is often in the details that the power to completely change the outcome of your moving process lies, and the Baggage Certificate is just one example of that. In such a complex process as international moving, where each step can mean significant differences, it is essential to rely on a specialized team to guide and simplify each stage.

Our team understands the importance of these details and is prepared to handle the complexity of international transportation. By trusting in our specialized team, clients can be assured that their goods will be transported efficiently and in compliance with regulations. Ultimately, it is our attention to detail that allows us to make a difference, making the international moving process a smoother experience.

Global International Relocation Sustainable Strengths: Limiting our Environmental Impact

Unsustainable practices are harming the environment and causing a 69% decline in wildlife populations since 1970, and the Living Planet Index looked at almost 32,000 species to reveal this in 2022.

According to Sinay, the transportation sector, including shipping, is responsible for about 20.2% of the world’s total CO₂ emissions, making it the second-largest contributor to global carbon pollution. This is why we must put a genuine effort to reduce the carbon footprint associated with mobility processes. 

We’re leading a positive change in the mobility industry, not just talking about it but taking action, these are our sustainable strengths:


Recyclable packaging 

At Global, we use recyclable materials in our operations. Did you know that when biodegradable cardboard breaks down, it produces Methane, a greenhouse gas contributing to global warming? That’s why we prioritize recyclable packaging like cardboard boxes, delicate silk paper, sturdy wooden crates, and protective bubble wrap to minimize our surrounding impact. Also, after each move, we collect the used card boxes and bring them back to our warehouse in order to be recycled. By choosing these green materials, we actively contribute to creating a smoother moving experience and a more sustainable world.


Green Transportation Solutions 

We prioritize natural friendly transportation solutions, exploring alternative freight options that promote an economy of travel, such as groupage transport. Moreover, our strategic placement within Portugal, including headquarters in Lisbon and branches in Porto, Algarve, Azores, and Madeira, further contributes to efficient transport and travel logistics. Dispersing our presence across the country, not only enhances accessibility for our clients but also ensures a more streamlined and ecologically sound operation throughout Portugal. 

Porto City


Sustainable Perks 

Our team enjoys weekly organic fruit baskets sourced locally. These baskets, filled with a variety of nacional fruits selected for their taste, have a special mission… We rescue visually imperfect fruits that would usually be thrown away, reducing food waste. Did you know food waste generates 8% of greenhouse gasses annually? Our initiative not only provides fresh and healthy snacks for our employees but also creates a more responsible and mindful workplace culture.


Digitizing Connections 

We’re making strides in environmental sustainability through our innovative use of digital communication methods such as TV screens inside the office, digital newsletter, online business cards, etc… Going digital, we’re significantly reducing paper usage. Did you know paper production has serious milieu-related effects like deforestation, high energy and water consumption, air pollution, and landfill waste? Paper makes up about 26% of the total waste in landfills, according to It showcases our allegiance to minimizing our ecological footprint and adapting to the evolving landscape of conservation-minded business communication.

Refreshing Welcome 

Our employee welcome initiative goes beyond the norm, providing a thoughtful pack that values well-being and environmental consciousness. A standout eco-friendly feature is the inclusion of a metal or reusable and recycled plastic bottle. Did you know about 85% of plastic bottles can take up to 1,000 years to degrade? This initiative not only promotes health by ensuring water is free from potential microplastic contamination but also reflects our dedication to a workplace culture that cares for both individuals and the environment.


Global not only redefines the standards of the mobility industry but also shapes a greener tomorrow. Together, let’s make each move a step towards a more planet-friendly future, where the choices we make today positively impact the world we share.

Opt for Global International Relocation, where your mobility is not just a transition but a conscious contribution to a healthier planet.

Challenges of International Mobility

In today’s world, international mobility is not just a reality but a growing necessity in our globalized society. Whether it’s businesses looking to expand their horizons, professionals seeking opportunities abroad, or families embarking on new adventures in foreign lands, international mobility plays a crucial role in the lives of many.


At Global International Relocation, we understand the challenges and opportunities associated with international mobility. Specializing in relocation and immigration services, we are committed to making this process smooth and efficient.


A relocation process involves much more than simply changing your address. It’s a life-changing experience that can bring excitement and, at times, concerns. From finding a new home to ensuring all documentation is in order, every step is important.

Our team provides assistance at every stage of this process, from researching the real estate market to obtaining visas. We are prepared to tackle any challenge that arises.


What sets us apart is our commitment to excellence and attention to detail. We understand that each client is unique, with specific needs, and we tailor our services to meet those needs.


Our team is ready to face the challenges that arise during the international mobility process, allowing our clients to focus on what truly matters: making the most of this new phase in their lives.


If you are considering an international move or need assistance with immigration services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Residence Certificate: What is it and why is it important?

When it comes to proving your residence, whether for legal, administrative, or even personal purposes, the residence certificate is an essential document. It officially confirms your current address and has a wide range of applications in various contexts. In this article, we will explore what this document is, why it is important, and how to obtain it.

What is a residence certificate?

A residence certificate is a document issued by government authorities, usually municipal entities, that proves a person’s residence at a specific address. This document is an official way to validate your place of residence and is often required in various situations, including importing goods to Portugal.

Importance of the residence certificate?

In addition to the usual applications such as proving your address, accessing services and benefits, and being necessary to resolve administrative issues, the residence certificate also plays an important role in the process of importing goods. When conducting imports, it is necessary to provide documentary evidence to confirm the importer’s place of residence. The residence certificate is a valid and internationally accepted document that can be used as proof of the importer’s address. It is required by customs authorities and is essential for complying with customs regulations and requirements during the importation process.

Without a proper residence certificate, the importer may face difficulties throughout the process and be subject to delays and potential legal issues. It is important to consult the customs regulations of the destination country and specific information related to importing goods.

How to obtain a residence certificate?

The residence certificate is issued by the competent municipal authority, usually the local parish council. Typically, you need to provide documents such as proof of address (utility bills, rental agreement, deed, among others), identification document, and possibly other documents requested by the competent authority.

Depending on the municipality, this document may be requested in different ways, through various means, and each entity may require different documents, proofs, or even witnesses.

How to simplify the process?

With Global International Relocation, the entire process can be streamlined! In addition to managing the importation process to ensure everything runs smoothly, we can assist you with the documentation request.

This way, we ensure that the entire process goes smoothly and without any headaches for you.

Are you thinking of moving to Portugal?

Quality of life, safety and hospitality are highlighted as positive factors for expatriates, who continue to choose Portugal as their new home.

However, the formalities and bureaucracies of the relocation process can be quite demanding and often difficult, especially when you don’t speak Portuguese. To make it difficult, there are several documents that often require a face-to-face visit to the different government institutions.


Fortunately, at Global International Relocation you will find a team specialized in immigration and relocation processes, with a complete and comprehensive service that gives full support to the expatriate throughout the process, guaranteeing continuous support.

We have a multilingual and multicultural team, and therefore, very sensitive to the needs of expatriates.


To deal with the bureaucratic part, our team starts by providing a prior advisory service. Once the customer’s wishes and needs have been established, the documentation and bureaucracies are handled by our team so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

The entire process can be monitored by each client through a specialized platform where they can communicate with the process manager and consult all the information.


After the bureaucratic part is dealt with, it is necessary to move and bring all the goods to the new country. This is also where companies like Global International Relocation make a difference.

Douro Bridge - Portugal

The vast experience and professionalism of our moving team, allows us to meet all your needs, listening and noting all the details and ensuring from A to Z the successful removal of your goods, to any part of the world.

From the export license, to sea freight and transport insurance, everything is taken care of so you don’t have to worry. And where applicable, everything is lined up to make shipping tax free.


We pack at origin, transport all your goods and guarantee assembly at destination.


Coming to Portugal? Yes absolutely! But with our support, it will be even better…

Seven steps to legalize your vehicle in Portugal

“I want to bring my car or my motorcycle when I move internationally, how can I do it?” This is a frequent question we hear around here, so we decided to post the 7 main steps to bring your vehicle with you on your international move to Portugal.

The whole process can be done by you, but you will have to face many processes, bureaucracies, and sometimes pay unnecessary fees. We can do all the transportation and all the legalization process of your vehicle and in some cases even with exemption from some fees, but we explain here how the process is.

Before the steps, let’s explain a few points.

First of all, before thinking about the taxes and fees you will have to pay, you must decide how you are going to bring the vehicle to Portugal.

Basically, there are two options:

  1. Hire a company (like ours) that will do the vehicle transportation. Talk to us and ask for a proposal.
  2. Deal with the transportation yourself. Ensuring the trip from Portugal to the destination where the car is and then buying temporary insurance and registration to be able to make the return trip (valid only for EU countries). You must also add to these expenses, the cost of fuel and tolls to be able to bring the car to Portugal.

After the arrival of the car in Portugal, you will have to deal with several taxes and bureaucracies, or, if you bring the vehicle with us, we can already expedite the process while the vehicle is in transit.


Regardless of how your car will come to Portugal, some taxes will have to be paid and we explain below the main ones.

  • ISV – The Imposto Sobre Veículos (Vehicle Tax) is paid only once, on the date of first registration. This tax is over on the cylinder capacity, fuel type and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Depending on the age of the vehicle, it is possible to have discounts that gradually increase from 10% in cars less than 1-year-old to 80% in vehicles that are 10 or more years old. Note, also, that all diesel cars are subject to a fixed tax of $500.
  • IUC – The Imposto Único de Circulação (Road Single Tax) is paid annually. This tax is also calculated according to the cylinder capacity and emission of polluting gases and corresponds to the date of the 1st registration in the country of origin and not the date of the 1st registration in Portugal.
  • VAT – In addition to these two taxes, imported cars may also be subject to Value Added Tax. Imported cars will only have to pay this tax if they are new, and by new, we mean cars with less than 6 months or less than 6.000km.

How to legalize the vehicle?

When importing your vehicle make sure you know the regulations in effect at your new destination, which will allow you to legally and safely drive your vehicle. It is fundamental to comply with the fiscal rules regarding vehicle importation, because when not observed they motivate serious penalties.

To regularize your vehicle the following 7 steps are necessary:

  1. Realize the mandatory vehicle inspection through an authorized inspection center for registration, which will issue an inspection certificate.
  2. Then, at the Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes (Institute of Mobility and Transport – IMT), arrange for the approval of the vehicle. To do this, fill out the forms for your vehicle, taking into account the corresponding instructions.
  3. Then go to Customs to fill out the Vehicle Customs Declaration (DAV) and deliver it along with all the documentation gathered in the previous steps. Customs will issue the ISV assessment notice, which must be paid within ten working days.
  4. Once the ISV is paid, a national license is assigned to the DAV. With the documentation provided at the customs office, you must ensure that the license plate is produced at an authorized body for that specialty. With the VAD and the license plate, it is possible to drive for 60 days. It is also important to take out automobile insurance.
  5. Once these 60 days are over, return to the IMT and deliver all the documentation obtained at customs (DAV and a copy of the registration certificate certified by customs) so that the process can be sent to the Conservatória do Registo Automóvel (Automobile Registry Office).
  6. Afterward, you must go to the Conservatória do Registo Automóvel to pay the fees and request the Documento Único Automóvel (Single Automobile Document).
  7. Finally, and although it is not directly related to the legalization process for a car bought abroad, but for all cars, it is essential to pay the IUC within 90 days from the date of registration.

Regardless if you hire a company for the legalization of your vehicle or if you want to do everything yourself, the steps above are the same, but with us, a company with employees used to this type of process and transport, we guarantee the delivery of the documents on time, the correct processes, and besides you avoid wasting your time on this type of procedure, we can get fee exceptions and even money savings during the whole process.


In summary, the legal procedures and fixed costs of importing a car are based on the new certification, inspection, and new registration of the vehicle.

In order for the vehicle to circulate legally in Portugal, it will have to undergo an inspection. And after such an inspection, the vehicle will have a legal certificate that attests to conformity and safety to circulate on Portuguese roads. After that, you will still have to register the car in your name, that is, make the owner transition and the holder change in the carnet.

In addition to the registration, owner registration, and inspection, you then add the ISV, IUC, and in some cases, the VAT as well.

To get rid of all the bureaucracy, comings and goings in the regulatory public organs, in the inspections, count on Global International Relocation to do the complete procedure, from A to Z and with analysis for exemption or discounts in some fees. From picking up the car at your residence abroad to delivering it to you in Portugal already with all the documents and authorized to drive on Portuguese roads.

Any questions, talk to us and have a good road trip!

How to organize an international move?

We know that the decision to move internationally depends on various aspects of life, both personal and professional, and the impact it has on our lives. It is not always an easy decision! Now that you have already decided to move to another country, have defined the schedule for the preparations for the move, and have already chosen the company that will do your moving, there comes a new challenge: organizing the move!

Despite so many details and care to be taken, a previous organization helps to make these moments easier and less stressful.

That is why we will help you to organize your move with some tips and information, which will help to prevent bad news, eventual expenses and inconveniences.


What is allowed to take in an international removal

  • Equipment: Be aware of some characteristics of electrical equipment and whether they are compatible with the operation of the place of destination. If there is any kind of machine, saw, or even work tool, an authorization document from the company you work for is necessary. If you have any doubts about this, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Automobiles: When you take your vehicle to the new country, make sure you know all the rules in force if it is possible for new cars to enter the new destination and the rules that allow you to legally and safely drive your vehicle. It is essential to comply with all these rules regarding vehicle importation, as when not observed they motivate serious penalties. Our team can help you with a general review of the process and get an estimate of the import and export taxes.
  • Food & Beverages: Taking large quantities of foodstuffs to other countries is prohibited, in some countries, like Australia for example, the rules are even stricter. If you do not want to have your move or luggage held up or delayed on your trip, avoid taking this type of product.
  • Pets: If you want to carry your dog or cat, no problem. Just bear in mind that airlines require that your pet be transported in transport boxes (click here to find out which transport box is best for your pet) and that the pet’s documentation must be correct and with all required vaccinations up to date. If you have any questions, our team at Global Pets can help you.

What is allowed to take in an international removal

Personal belongings

The time to separate the items that will be sent with the cargo and those that you will take in your suitcase to another country is very important. If not done calmly and in advance, it can cause unnecessary headaches, such as needing an item and it having already been dispatched.

At Global, we take care of everything for you. Our team when doing all the packing of your belongings for the dispatch identifies in all the boxes the type of items that are in them and even in which room of the house they belonged. This not only makes it easier when unpacking and organizing your belongings in your new home but also helps with customs checks and inspections. Together with this, we always carry a document with the declaration of goods and count the number of boxes and volume of all belongings. Furthermore, we strongly recommend the contracting of insurance for the whole removal against damages, loss, and malfunctions.


Modality of transport

When you are informed about the transportation modality, be it by road, air, or sea, keep one thing in mind: always confirm which values are included in the service.

Also check the deadline that the company gives you to vacate the container, make sure it is satisfactory because each day of delay will have an extra fee to pay.

In case you want to do it by yourself, we advise you to explain everything you need and request a service with all fees included. Only then you will be sure of the final and real amount you will pay and avoid unpleasant surprises.

In case you want to have fewer headaches, we take care of everything for you, after all, with us, you will always be informed of everything and the service is always very transparent.


Picking up your shipment

To pick up your cargo in the destination country you will need to have the necessary shipping documents at hand. When dispatching your belongings, you will receive some documents, so keep them very well, as they guarantee that you will recover your belongings or receive compensation in case of loss or some accident with the cargo.

In the cases of sea transportation, you will need to consult a customs agent, who will help you both in the unsealing of the container, in the separation of the cargo, in the conference of the items and release by the inspection. Remember that a poorly done service cannot be undone, so hire a competent professional.

Before removing the cargo you need to confirm that you have paid all the expenses and for this reason, it is important that the contracted company informs you of all the expenses you will have before starting the trip. The process of clearing the cargo depends on each country and in some countries, it may take some time.

After having your goods released, one more process is necessary: transporting your goods to their final destination, where you will need to hire a company that will do the road transport to your new address.

international moving


Now that you know a little about the process of moving internationally, you can choose to do it yourself, and hire suppliers for each step of the process, or you can hire a company, like ours, to take care of the whole process for you.

At Global International Relocation, we have been specialists in international mobility for over 13 years and today we provide the largest integrated offer of international mobility support services for human resources, customized and turnkey, with a single point of contact.

Contact us for any questions or to request a quote, because we know that more than physical assets, it is people who are at the center of any mobility process.

How to choose an international moving company

We know that among the many decisions to be made at this time of moving, the choice of the company is one of them and that everyone should consider, after all, it is not only the transport of goods but of stories, people’s feelings.


Do you need to make an international move and don’t know how to choose the company for this service? We list below 7 points to pay attention to before hiring an international moving company.


looking for company


  1. Research the company

Pay attention to the company’s website, get address, phone number, and contact details (a serious company has no problem disclosing its contacts). One point to pay attention to is the availability of the site in other languages, after all, it is a company that provides international moving services.

If possible, visit the company.


  1. Research the company’s hideousness

Every moving company must have a license to work, so search for references of the companies at the responsible bodies, complaint portals and social networks. Previous research about possible complaints or irregularities of the company helps to understand who we are dealing with.


  1. Get informed about Packaging

Ask the company about what materials will be used to package your goods, the size, functions of each package, how they protect from humidity, resistance, and other details. It is important to have the proper materials to wrap materials, after all, newspapers, blankets, or sheets are not the most indicated.

Did you know that the exclusive packages developed by Global are awarded for their quality, strength, and durability? Click on the image for more information.


  1. Specialized Team

The company needs to have a specialized and qualified team in all areas. Not only in packing (an art in which our professionals are unbeatable), transportation and storage, but also in customer service, in coordinating your move. After all, putting in the customer’s shoes, having the experience to solve intercurrences, and ensuring up-to-date information and be always available are fundamental to our team.


  1. Insurance

Insurance is not mandatory for international removals, but it is highly recommended, after all, more than belongings, your stories are being transported there. If the international moving company does not offer you insurance for your possessions, run away from this company.

You can do it on your own or with an international moving company, but we strongly suggest that you get insurance and always ask for your signed policy for verification.

Don’t stay in doubt with insurance options, be sure of the insurance you choose!


  1. Company Certifications

A certified company is a company that has been approved by other institutions. The more it is certified, the more sifters this company has had to submitted and has its processes validated. It is worth emphasizing the importance of international certifications because we are dealing with your goods going from one country to another, often from one continent to another.

We are the Portuguese company with the most certifications and the only company in Portugal to integrate OMNI, the world network of leading international relocation and moving companies. Click on the image for more information.


  1. Request for Quotation

One of the most made mistakes is to choose the company with the lowest quotation. If a company offers a price 25% to 40% cheaper than the others, be suspicious. You run a great risk of having to pay extra fees that will make the price that was once more affordable, now more expensive than the other companies.

Do not accept a quote without the visit of a representative, after all, the international moving company must measure the volume and see everything that will be transported.

Request a visit from one of our specialists (the visit can be in person or online).


mudanças internacionais


With all these 7 points above, you will already have enough information to choose the company. We know that this is a laborious process, nevertheless, this work will be rewarded with the peace of mind and security that everything will go as smoothly as possible.


Do not allow any company to start the move without the contract being signed, values well defined and having a description of services and an inventory containing the list of goods to be transported signed by the company and by you, so we advise that the ideal is always to plan your move in advance.


Make sure that all your questions have been answered correctly. If you feel the company is being invasive or difficult to contact, politely end the conversation and move on. The moving process is stressful and you should be comfortable with the company you hire.


Good choice and any questions, we will be happy to help you!

New van exclusively for transporting dogs and cats

The Global Pets team, specialists in the transport of pets by air or land to any corner of the world, has developed an exclusive van that provides greater comfort, safety, and hygiene for the transported animals. The van, which is already circulating, debuted in August this year.


The van was completely modified with the animals’ welfare in mind. All the exclusive changes were thought by our team, with details that make it possible to take dogs and cats of different weights, sizes and breeds. Get to know some details:




Internal Window

Allows the team to view from the cabin and listen to the animal throughout the journey.


Exclusive air conditioning

The temperature control of the animal area is independent of the control of the team that is in the cabin, which guarantees greater comfort for the pets.


Extractor fan

As part of the exclusive and independent air system, the extractor was designed to help in air circulation and eliminate strong odors to make the animal’s journey more pleasant.


LED lights

Independently controlled LED lights were installed for a better atmosphere for the animal, which allows both better lighting and dim lights when the animal is sleeping.


Hygienic and non-slip flooring

To prevent the odor of animals from remaining in the van, a hygienic floor was chosen which, in addition to not absorbing odors, is easy to clean and wash. Grooves were added to the floor to prevent the transport box from moving, thus ensuring greater safety for the animal.



The entire space was designed to transport boxes of different sizes, from a small Singapore cat to the giant St. Bernard dog. Regardless of size, they are attached to the truck with a system of adjustable handles, which do not let the box move, providing more stability and comfort for the animal.


Access Doors

In addition to the door at the back of the van, the side door works as a support to make access to the animal and even easier when accommodating the transport box.


First aid kit

We have a kit, which we hope never to use, however, if necessary, our team is ready to help the animal that is in transport, for that we provide a first aid kit for the animals.



The cabin can take up to 3 people from the Global Pets team, depending on the breed, size and care needed by the animal.



The design is simple and exclusive. Clients and pet owners can easily identify our van, either when arriving at their residence, meeting them at ports and airports, or even during the journey.

Click the image to enlarge


Besides having the top car technologies, such as climate control, GPS, automatic locking and other functions, our van also carries water for the animals, tools for eventual happenings with the cage or the van itself, and a team with great knowledge and especially with great care and affection for the animals.


With this van, we can transport pets by land to any place in Europe, or even take your pet with more comfort and safety to the airport and with our help fly to any place in the world.


With us, you have the guarantee that these very special members of the family will be quickly reunited with you at your destination in all comfort and safety!


What to do before an international moving

An international move is a decision that impacts many areas of our life. Surely even before this decision, there was a lot of research, conversations and even headaches, right?

Thinking about this challenging period for you, we created the checklist below with the dates, to support you in your preparation for the move, and make everything happen in the best way. So, you won’t have any more worries and each step will happen smoothly and without unexpected events.

Let’s go for it:



  • international movingMake sure your passport, citizen card, ID and visa are valid.
  • Check if permits are required in your new country of residence (e.g. residence permit, permit for pets, arms license, etc.).
  • Check which vaccinations are required at your new destination.
  • Make sure you have all documentation for the trip, including tickets.
  • Keep all your official documents in one place (e.g. birth or marriage certificates, ID, citizen card, passport, vaccination card, driving license, etc.).
  • Check if your driving license is valid in the destination country.
  • Ask your car insurance company for your personal insurance history.
  • Cancel all subscriptions to newspapers, magazines or gyms.
  • Notify your child/children’s school.
  • Clean your attic, pantry and garden.
  • Get your coats, clothes, curtains, sofas, blankets, etc. dry cleaned.
  • Check all your items and appliances that need to be repaired and have them fixed: watches, appliances, clothing, shoes, etc.
  • Schedule all necessary medical appointments and ask for a year worth of prescriptions.
  • Sell your car.



  •  Make a survey of the value of goods you want to insure and our Insurance team will make that proposal with you.
  • Sell or give to charity all the items you are leaving behind. Our Global Foundation can take care of that for you.
  • Give your friends and family your contacts, including your new address.
  • Cancel all utility bills.
  • Check your leasing, credits or other legal contract agreements.
  • Try to finish off the food and drinks left in your home. Buy only the essentials for the remaining days before your move.
  • Confirm with your Global Moving coordinator the exact moving date.
  • Advise of change of address at your bank, tax office, doctor and other relevant entities.
  • Request all your diplomas, certificates and other important documents: school, doctors, veterinarians, etc.


moving overseas



  • Clean your garden tools, bicycles, etc.
  • Take all your possessions from work.
  • If you have lent any books, CDs or other goods ask for them back.
  • Empty the fuel tank of motorcycles or cars that will be transported to your new destination.
  • Offer or sell plants and perishable goods that you won’t need (remember that our Global Foundation can also help you with this).



  • Close bank accounts or let your bank know of your move.
  • Make sure your bank can transfer your funds to your new bank.
  • Buy traveler’s cheques.
  • Buy necessary medication for your journey including travel sickness pills.
  • Organize your transportation to the airport.
  • Defrost and clean refrigerator and freezer.
  • Hire a team to clean the house after packing is done.
  • Send to your Global Moving coordinator all completed and signed dispatch-related documents.



  • Put aside personal items that must travel with you, e.g. keys, documents, passport, tickets, money, clothes, medication, maps, games, books, etc.
  • Confirm ticket bookings.
  • Disconnect, clean and dry electrical appliances you want to take to your new destination.
  • Organise furniture and follow the schedule set by your Global Moving coordinator.
  • Ask your neighbours or building administration for an extra parking space for the day of the move, if necessary.

international moving


  • Just relax! The Global Moving team will do the work for you…
  • Stay in touch, in case we have any questions.
  • Go through each room of the house to make sure you haven’t left anything behind.
  • Have a good trip!



And that’s it, we’ll take care of all the transportation of your goods until we deliver them to you and assemble everything at your new address in another country.

Now it’s time to meet your neighbors, the community and explore this international adventure.

If you have any questions about your move or international move, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

We hope you will be very happy in your new home.

international moving