Sustainable Strengths - Global International Relocation

Global International Relocation Sustainable Strengths: Limiting our Environmental Impact

Unsustainable practices are harming the environment and causing a 69% decline in wildlife populations since 1970, and the Living Planet Index looked at almost 32,000 species to reveal this in 2022.

According to Sinay, the transportation sector, including shipping, is responsible for about 20.2% of the world’s total CO₂ emissions, making it the second-largest contributor to global carbon pollution. This is why we must put a genuine effort to reduce the carbon footprint associated with mobility processes. 

We’re leading a positive change in the mobility industry, not just talking about it but taking action, these are our sustainable strengths:


Recyclable packaging 

At Global, we use recyclable materials in our operations. Did you know that when biodegradable cardboard breaks down, it produces Methane, a greenhouse gas contributing to global warming? That’s why we prioritize recyclable packaging like cardboard boxes, delicate silk paper, sturdy wooden crates, and protective bubble wrap to minimize our surrounding impact. Also, after each move, we collect the used card boxes and bring them back to our warehouse in order to be recycled. By choosing these green materials, we actively contribute to creating a smoother moving experience and a more sustainable world.


Green Transportation Solutions 

We prioritize natural friendly transportation solutions, exploring alternative freight options that promote an economy of travel, such as groupage transport. Moreover, our strategic placement within Portugal, including headquarters in Lisbon and branches in Porto, Algarve, Azores, and Madeira, further contributes to efficient transport and travel logistics. Dispersing our presence across the country, not only enhances accessibility for our clients but also ensures a more streamlined and ecologically sound operation throughout Portugal. 

Porto City


Sustainable Perks 

Our team enjoys weekly organic fruit baskets sourced locally. These baskets, filled with a variety of nacional fruits selected for their taste, have a special mission… We rescue visually imperfect fruits that would usually be thrown away, reducing food waste. Did you know food waste generates 8% of greenhouse gasses annually? Our initiative not only provides fresh and healthy snacks for our employees but also creates a more responsible and mindful workplace culture.


Digitizing Connections 

We’re making strides in environmental sustainability through our innovative use of digital communication methods such as TV screens inside the office, digital newsletter, online business cards, etc… Going digital, we’re significantly reducing paper usage. Did you know paper production has serious milieu-related effects like deforestation, high energy and water consumption, air pollution, and landfill waste? Paper makes up about 26% of the total waste in landfills, according to It showcases our allegiance to minimizing our ecological footprint and adapting to the evolving landscape of conservation-minded business communication.

Refreshing Welcome 

Our employee welcome initiative goes beyond the norm, providing a thoughtful pack that values well-being and environmental consciousness. A standout eco-friendly feature is the inclusion of a metal or reusable and recycled plastic bottle. Did you know about 85% of plastic bottles can take up to 1,000 years to degrade? This initiative not only promotes health by ensuring water is free from potential microplastic contamination but also reflects our dedication to a workplace culture that cares for both individuals and the environment.


Global not only redefines the standards of the mobility industry but also shapes a greener tomorrow. Together, let’s make each move a step towards a more planet-friendly future, where the choices we make today positively impact the world we share.

Opt for Global International Relocation, where your mobility is not just a transition but a conscious contribution to a healthier planet.