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How to choose an international moving company

We know that among the many decisions to be made at this time of moving, the choice of the company is one of them and that everyone should consider, after all, it is not only the transport of goods but of stories, people’s feelings.


Do you need to make an international move and don’t know how to choose the company for this service? We list below 7 points to pay attention to before hiring an international moving company.


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  1. Research the company

Pay attention to the company’s website, get address, phone number, and contact details (a serious company has no problem disclosing its contacts). One point to pay attention to is the availability of the site in other languages, after all, it is a company that provides international moving services.

If possible, visit the company.


  1. Research the company’s hideousness

Every moving company must have a license to work, so search for references of the companies at the responsible bodies, complaint portals and social networks. Previous research about possible complaints or irregularities of the company helps to understand who we are dealing with.


  1. Get informed about Packaging

Ask the company about what materials will be used to package your goods, the size, functions of each package, how they protect from humidity, resistance, and other details. It is important to have the proper materials to wrap materials, after all, newspapers, blankets, or sheets are not the most indicated.

Did you know that the exclusive packages developed by Global are awarded for their quality, strength, and durability? Click on the image for more information.


  1. Specialized Team

The company needs to have a specialized and qualified team in all areas. Not only in packing (an art in which our professionals are unbeatable), transportation and storage, but also in customer service, in coordinating your move. After all, putting in the customer’s shoes, having the experience to solve intercurrences, and ensuring up-to-date information and be always available are fundamental to our team.


  1. Insurance

Insurance is not mandatory for international removals, but it is highly recommended, after all, more than belongings, your stories are being transported there. If the international moving company does not offer you insurance for your possessions, run away from this company.

You can do it on your own or with an international moving company, but we strongly suggest that you get insurance and always ask for your signed policy for verification.

Don’t stay in doubt with insurance options, be sure of the insurance you choose!


  1. Company Certifications

A certified company is a company that has been approved by other institutions. The more it is certified, the more sifters this company has had to submitted and has its processes validated. It is worth emphasizing the importance of international certifications because we are dealing with your goods going from one country to another, often from one continent to another.

We are the Portuguese company with the most certifications and the only company in Portugal to integrate OMNI, the world network of leading international relocation and moving companies. Click on the image for more information.


  1. Request for Quotation

One of the most made mistakes is to choose the company with the lowest quotation. If a company offers a price 25% to 40% cheaper than the others, be suspicious. You run a great risk of having to pay extra fees that will make the price that was once more affordable, now more expensive than the other companies.

Do not accept a quote without the visit of a representative, after all, the international moving company must measure the volume and see everything that will be transported.

Request a visit from one of our specialists (the visit can be in person or online).


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With all these 7 points above, you will already have enough information to choose the company. We know that this is a laborious process, nevertheless, this work will be rewarded with the peace of mind and security that everything will go as smoothly as possible.


Do not allow any company to start the move without the contract being signed, values well defined and having a description of services and an inventory containing the list of goods to be transported signed by the company and by you, so we advise that the ideal is always to plan your move in advance.


Make sure that all your questions have been answered correctly. If you feel the company is being invasive or difficult to contact, politely end the conversation and move on. The moving process is stressful and you should be comfortable with the company you hire.


Good choice and any questions, we will be happy to help you!