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How to organize an international move?

We know that the decision to move internationally depends on various aspects of life, both personal and professional, and the impact it has on our lives. It is not always an easy decision! Now that you have already decided to move to another country, have defined the schedule for the preparations for the move, and have already chosen the company that will do your moving, there comes a new challenge: organizing the move!

Despite so many details and care to be taken, a previous organization helps to make these moments easier and less stressful.

That is why we will help you to organize your move with some tips and information, which will help to prevent bad news, eventual expenses and inconveniences.


What is allowed to take in an international removal

  • Equipment: Be aware of some characteristics of electrical equipment and whether they are compatible with the operation of the place of destination. If there is any kind of machine, saw, or even work tool, an authorization document from the company you work for is necessary. If you have any doubts about this, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Automobiles: When you take your vehicle to the new country, make sure you know all the rules in force if it is possible for new cars to enter the new destination and the rules that allow you to legally and safely drive your vehicle. It is essential to comply with all these rules regarding vehicle importation, as when not observed they motivate serious penalties. Our team can help you with a general review of the process and get an estimate of the import and export taxes.
  • Food & Beverages: Taking large quantities of foodstuffs to other countries is prohibited, in some countries, like Australia for example, the rules are even stricter. If you do not want to have your move or luggage held up or delayed on your trip, avoid taking this type of product.
  • Pets: If you want to carry your dog or cat, no problem. Just bear in mind that airlines require that your pet be transported in transport boxes (click here to find out which transport box is best for your pet) and that the pet’s documentation must be correct and with all required vaccinations up to date. If you have any questions, our team at Global Pets can help you.

What is allowed to take in an international removal

Personal belongings

The time to separate the items that will be sent with the cargo and those that you will take in your suitcase to another country is very important. If not done calmly and in advance, it can cause unnecessary headaches, such as needing an item and it having already been dispatched.

At Global, we take care of everything for you. Our team when doing all the packing of your belongings for the dispatch identifies in all the boxes the type of items that are in them and even in which room of the house they belonged. This not only makes it easier when unpacking and organizing your belongings in your new home but also helps with customs checks and inspections. Together with this, we always carry a document with the declaration of goods and count the number of boxes and volume of all belongings. Furthermore, we strongly recommend the contracting of insurance for the whole removal against damages, loss, and malfunctions.


Modality of transport

When you are informed about the transportation modality, be it by road, air, or sea, keep one thing in mind: always confirm which values are included in the service.

Also check the deadline that the company gives you to vacate the container, make sure it is satisfactory because each day of delay will have an extra fee to pay.

In case you want to do it by yourself, we advise you to explain everything you need and request a service with all fees included. Only then you will be sure of the final and real amount you will pay and avoid unpleasant surprises.

In case you want to have fewer headaches, we take care of everything for you, after all, with us, you will always be informed of everything and the service is always very transparent.


Picking up your shipment

To pick up your cargo in the destination country you will need to have the necessary shipping documents at hand. When dispatching your belongings, you will receive some documents, so keep them very well, as they guarantee that you will recover your belongings or receive compensation in case of loss or some accident with the cargo.

In the cases of sea transportation, you will need to consult a customs agent, who will help you both in the unsealing of the container, in the separation of the cargo, in the conference of the items and release by the inspection. Remember that a poorly done service cannot be undone, so hire a competent professional.

Before removing the cargo you need to confirm that you have paid all the expenses and for this reason, it is important that the contracted company informs you of all the expenses you will have before starting the trip. The process of clearing the cargo depends on each country and in some countries, it may take some time.

After having your goods released, one more process is necessary: transporting your goods to their final destination, where you will need to hire a company that will do the road transport to your new address.

international moving


Now that you know a little about the process of moving internationally, you can choose to do it yourself, and hire suppliers for each step of the process, or you can hire a company, like ours, to take care of the whole process for you.

At Global International Relocation, we have been specialists in international mobility for over 13 years and today we provide the largest integrated offer of international mobility support services for human resources, customized and turnkey, with a single point of contact.

Contact us for any questions or to request a quote, because we know that more than physical assets, it is people who are at the center of any mobility process.