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Fine Arts

Fine Arts

We are masters in the art of transporting works of art, antiques, collections, wines and other valuables.

Global Fine Arts is our division specialized in the art of packing and transporting fine arts and valuable antiques from paintings, sculptures in stone or wood, delicate ceramics, or even wine.

We always act with total discretion and high professionalism, we understand the value and fragility of the items under our care, because we know what trust and responsibility mean.

Our team has extensive experience and specific training so that packaging and shipping are guaranteed to ensure maximum protection of your most valuable assets.

Your precious objects can be in our custody, whether a painting for a week, a box of wines for a month, or an entire collection for a year. Upon request, your goods are accessible for inspection, collection or delivery.

Each object that enters our facility is inspected, labeled with a bar code, and classified in our digital photographic collection.

Packaging and Storage

We pack each fine art in its tailor-made container.
The containers are made of wood, to gives them high resistance, and the interior is lined with materials that ensure exceptional conditions for the protection of the object to be transported.

Our safe is specifically constructed for the storage of works of art and wine, ensuring special conditions of temperature, humidity, and light control, assuring our clients' conditions that optimize the longevity of their assets.

Our special Fine Arts services include:


Packing in special containers

Transport in vehicles with thermal control

High security safe, with temperature and humidity control

Isothermal facilities with special security conditions (access by biometrics, surveillance 24h/7d with HD cameras)

Documentation for import/export

International shipping door to door

Adequate insurance