Moving - Global International Relocation



We take your goods all over the world, regardless of origin and destination.

The vast experience and professionalism of our Moving team, allows us to meet all your needs, listening and taking note of all the details, ensuring from A to Z, the successful moving of your goods, anywhere in the world. We pack at origin, transport all your goods, and assemble them at your new destination.

We analyze with you the type of service that best fits your needs and we provide all the support in the documentation process necessary for the international transportation of personal goods. According to the destination and the size of the move, we choose the best means and type of transport. Together we agree on the date of arrival at your new place of residence.

We also prepare an inventory so that you can identify the goods to be transported to the new residence. We evaluate the most appropriate packaging for each type of good, so that everything is packed, transported, and delivered to the destination in perfect condition. We check the inventory of origin and the counting of volumes, to ensure that everything is in order as at origin.

Our packers come to your home in a gentle, discreet manner, respecting your residence and your lifestyle, while we work in the intimacy of your home.

Moving Services

In addition to the typical international moving service, we provide additional services to facilitate the entire process.

Furniture Hire

While you are waiting for your goods to arrive you can rent everything you need to settle in your new residence, allowing you to avoid hotel costs.

House Cleaning Service

We offer a complete cleaning service, both in the home you left behind as in your new residence, taking this worry away from you.

Storage and Safekeeping of Goods

We offer safe and excellent storage and safekeeping service with high-definition cameras 24h/7d and biometric controlled access.

Minor Repairs And Installations

If you need electricians, plumbers, painters, interior decoration, or any other service, we have a network of partners that guarantee to satisfy your needs.


We always advise taking out insurance for the goods to be transported, and that the amounts to be insured are in line with their real value, and their cost should be indicated at the destination.*

*Global is not an insurance broker and therefore we recommend the use of entities engaged in mediation within the European Union. Global, following the law, may offer an insurance contract, concerning risks and responsibilities located outside the European Union.

Specialized Packages

Unfortunately, accidents do happen and nobody can guarantee that a truck doesn't have a serious accident, a container doesn’t fall victim to a storm, or tropical heat doesn't cause damage during transport.

So that all your goods reach their final destination in perfect condition Global uses the best packaging materials and the most appropriate for each type of item, coupled with specialists in the art of packaging and international moves.

Our Packaging materials:

We don’t “wrap” your items in newspapers, blankets, or sheets. It is as important to use the best packaging materials as it is to employ the most suitable packaging techniques. The art of packaging, in which our professionals are unsurpassed, determines the success of your move.