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Tips for travel with a Guide Dog

In addition to being known as the best friends of humans, some dogs have the role of guiding their owners who have visual impairments. And this subject always raises doubts when it comes to traveling with them.

To honor these tireless partners, we have set out the following tips for travel with a guide dog:


1 – Communicate in advance

Airlines must be notified in advance, some require 72 hours, others require 48 hours, so our tip is to inform when purchasing the flight ticket.

Some airlines give themselves the right to set the passenger seat to accommodate the guide dog. It usually travels next to the owner’s seat, on the floor of the plane, so it is important to always have a collar, leash and identification that it is a guide dog.


aconselhamos sempre a levar consigo um açaime

2 – Muzzle

Muzzles are required by some airlines throughout the flight, others do not allow the use of the same, in addition, some flights have connections in other countries, and airports also have their rules for the movement of the guide dog.

 Therefore, to avoid any unforeseen circumstances, we always advise to carry a muzzle, because if necessary, it will be already in your hands.



3 – Documentation

To transport any pet, it is always necessary to have the animal’s documentation. With the guide dog, it is no different. 

The basic documents to be presented at check-in and to have on hand during the flight are:

  • Proof of rabies vaccination signed by a veterinarian and that must have been applied more than 30 days before the date of travel and less than 1 year.
  • Health certificate, issued by the veterinarian, valid for 10 days from the date of issue.
  • For international flights, an International Animal Health Certificate is also required.

Some companies also determine that when identifying the dog, there is also other information, such as the name of the dog and who he guides, photo of both, name and identification of the training center or trainer.


limite a quantidade de água e comida que o cão-guia irá ingerir algumas horas antes da viagem


4 – Pee and poop

Another important tip is to limit the amount of water and food that the guide dog will ingest a few hours before the trip so that it doesn’t pee or poop right after getting on the plane. If the journey is long, take an absorbent mat. Some companies provide this mat.



More and more airlines are paying attention to the social inclusion of people and to creating easier rules for travel of these animals, so it is important to mention that the guide dog is used by the visually impaired to carry out daily activities more easily. Therefore, the guide dog is not considered just a pet.


As empresas aéreas estão a criar normas mais fáceis para a viagem dos cães guia


Some countries and airlines may have slight differences, so check the rules before traveling and buying tickets and remember, you can always contact us, our Global Pets team can help you with this and other information for the transport of animals.


Have a good trip!