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Interesting activities to do on-line

Hi Everyone, I hope you and your family are keeping safe and sane during this time. In line with our previous communication about providing free assistance during quarantine time we want to continue to share interesting activities that can be completed online:

  • Assistance for the elderly and up to date information on your specific area can be found in the websites of your nearest Town Hall. We have made a compilation of all Town halls in the greater Lisbon area that you can download here so you can check the most updated information about your area of residence.

Online food shopping:

  • Grossery shopping: most big chains of supermarket such as Continente, Auchan, Pingo Doce are experiencing great delays for online delivery, they are clearly not prepared for an increase in demand in times of quarantine. Continente has about a 1 month of waiting time for delivery while Mercadão (from Pingo Doce is constantly updating delivery times but is uncertain. In any case it looks like they are working in increasing their response time so make sure you check their websites constantly.
  • Celeiro: it’s a shop of Bio food and supplements that Has delivery of online shopping through CTT and it seems to be working normally
  • Fresh fish: there are a few sites that work with delivery of fresh fish mostly from the Sesimbra area here are some of them: Silva Fish , Cabaz do Peixe, Peixe Fresco, Peixaria Centenaria, Peixinho da Lota.
  • Baskets of organic fruit and vegetable: Also some smaller shops with artisan and bio food are still doing delivery, here are a few options Pede Salsa
  • Fresh bread delivered in the Lisbon area: Filho do padeiro o padeiro
  • Food delivery: Uber eats has proven to be the most reliable app in these times, deliveries are as usual with the restrictions of the restaurants that have had to close. They are currently waving the delivery fee


Children Activities: